Welcome to My Blog

First thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you find this information useful and informative. For those of you that followed my old blog (markmorgan47@wordpress.com) thanks for coming over to my new blog. I decided to change the name to something else and get my name out of the title. For those of you who know me then you are probably aware that I switched jobs and moved back to the Washington DC area. Yes I made the move to Guidance Software after considering all my options available to me. Yes I will talk a little about Encase as well as other forensic tools. Even though I do work for one of the well known forensic software vendors, I am still of the opinion there is no one tool that does everything. The forensic investigator must have a multitude of tools to get the job done. If anyone has any questions that want to ask me about encase feel free but remember I am not a help desk but I will help anyone on general questions if I can. I will write my first post this weekend which will be about a new feature that guidance software just developed. So register on my blog or follow me so you do not miss any of these posts.